TIP Training and Administration

Here are suggested ways to improve TIP adoption:

  1. A barrier to active sharing on a TIP is user familiarity with the platform and its benefits. Becoming proficient with a platform can also entail extended training. A champion should consider using fun, sustainable and useful training methods that promote TIP usage in productive ways that promote effective and meaningful threat exchange across the platform.
  2. It has been found that early TIP demonstrations are the most useful way for a leader to effect interest in membership. Accelerating member understanding of the TIP use case and value proposition is important for successful onboarding. Demonstrations overcome misunderstandings about the term “information sharing”, and lead to buy-in for the particular benefits of sharing cyber threat indicators.  Once this recognition occurs, user training becomes the logical next step.
  3. Additional administrative measures that should be considered by the leadership for training and administration include:
  • Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) training and policies
  • Manual and automated data feed configurations
  • Content and privacy rules and configurations for sharing of data
  • Communications systems and methods separate and apart from TIP data sharing.

This is Key!

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