Since CRI’s formation in 2014 it has partnered with many private, nonprofit and government organizations to advance the mission of critical infrastructure protection. Below are short descriptions of some of our partners:


CyberUSA is a growing nationwide “community of communities” focused on cybersecurity. This connected network includes 26 states and represents some 5,000 business, academic and government entities.  CyberUSA is focused on providing a trusted network of threat-sharing, education programs to help small businesses and other critical entities, and training programs to support the nation’s cyber workforce. The DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is the Nation’s risk adviser, collaborating with CRI and CyberUSA partners to defend against today’s threats and to build more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future.

CyberUSA provides a framework for cross-sector stakeholder engagement to reach, inform, and mobilize stakeholders across the US. It sees an opportunity to leverage its nationwide collective to help CISA achieve it’s outreach objectives:

1) Work with DHS regions to drive communication and engagement.  

2) Share updated insights with business communities; and,

3) Quickly synthesize the information for the benefit of the end user. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence Network

CTIN is a technology company dedicated to protecting organizations by incorporating the science of cyber threat intelligence into every service it offers and training program it develops. It develops on-the-ground, virtual and hybrid training sessions on cybersecurity, network and endpoint protection and cyber threat intelligence. We bring high quality solutions to our customers by working collaboratively towards the common goal of improving employee awareness of the threats of the cyber domain while showing them methods for reducing risks from these ubiquitous threats.

CTIN also supports policy development, on-premise to cloud migration initiatives, R&D demonstration projects and other jobs requiring knowledge of state-of-the art cybersecurity frameworks, approaches, and best practices.

EosEdge Legal

EosEdge Legal is designed for the Cyber Age, offering interdisciplinary cyber risk and cyberlaw solutions. Unlike both traditional law firms and advisory consulting outfits, EosEdge Legal attracts military operational law and government cyber attorneys, coupled with commercial cybersecurity experience, to offer an integrated, interdisciplinary package of professional advisory and assistance for the cyber market. Added to that is the trust and privacy afforded under the attorney-client relationship to assure that clients receive independent, tailored, and confidential cyber risk services.

EosEdge Legal provides incident response legal services (aka Breach Coaching), risk assessment preparedness services, 24/7 cyber crisis support through its partnership with OnCall Cyber, and other cyber risk advisory.

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