c-Watch Course

c-Watch Training

Training is interdisciplinary across the domains of cyber intelligence, social media, and international cyberspace conflict. This enables students to develop cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills. The training is structured so that students with diverse backgrounds can participate in an interdisciplinary team. The course culminates in the Capstone where students concentrate on attaining knowledge along the intelligence continuum: Collection – Analysis – Sharing & Reporting.

Training Overview

Prerequisites:This course is open to college age students, mid-career professionals or anyone who wants to learn Cyber Threat Intelligence. Bring your willingness to learn. You will get more out of it if you have some background in information technology, computer science, international affairs, geography, political science, history, journalism or a related field of study.
Course Length:3 Week Intensive – Plus an Event-Driven Capstone.
Delivery:Online with individual research; Team collaboration and threat hunting occurs on a distributed basis, coached by mentors.
Tools:Each Learner receives a user license and access to a repository of open source tools and is trained on tool usage, tradecraft, and cross-domain hunting using tools like:  threat intelligence platform (TIP), social media tools, analytic frameworks, and collection management resources.
Format:The program includes lectures on foundational knowledge, user training, tool orientation, hands-on scenarios and labs, and a live, experiential collection and analysis operation during the Capstone.  There are three separate areas of focus:  Social Media Threat Hunting, Cyber Observable Threat Hunting, and Cyber Policy.
Schedule:Watch for the next c-Watch training by contacting us.

A sample of our course content is provided here.

This online program allows you to learn at your own pace.  You can join a working cohort of professionals building a world-class cyber defense force. 

“Such an amazing program, I can’t describe how excited I became every day during the month of training on Cyber Threat Hunting….. I ended up loving it; the new tools and techniques we spent days and weeks learning and practicing were fantastic.”

— Marcelle Licciardi – Summer2020 c-Watch Graduate

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