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c-Watch Program

Since 2016, the Sports-ISAO program office of the Cyber Resilience Institute (CRI) has organized and promoted a cyber threat hunting and analysis program called c-Watch, an offshoot of the c-Market program.  The c-Watch has regularly trained students through an experiential learning virtual laboratory associated with international sports.  The program’s graduates have grown the post-course crowdsourced network – CrowdWatch – into a skills improvement and talent identification pipeline for jobs.

Beginning in the  summer 2020, a compressed four-week c-Watch Cyber Intelligence Training was launched that included our standard curriculum of three weeks of training, plus a one week Capstone.  That year our Capstone theme focused on COVID-19 instead of a sports-themed event, given the global pandemic and economic crisis of that time.  

Find out about our c-Watch Accomplishments


The Sports-ISAO is a member organization aimed at providing a secure, vetted forum for members of the sports community to discuss matters of cybersecurity.  We maintain a dedicated community on the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN). We welcome inquires from leagues, conferences, individual teams, sports team owners, athletes, and others affiliated with the sports community.

  • CRI builds strong cyber communities to protect members from cyber attackers.  Like a neighborhood watch, it takes a sharing community and vigilance to thwart attackers.  Within the Sports-ISAO CRI engages communities in collective cyber defense.
  • Americans love their sports.  By using sport, CRI is rallying communities to protect their athletes, facilities and event sponsors from cyber-attack.  The Sports ISAO is a cutting edge public-private partnership that alerts members’ security teams of threats.
  • We improve cyber resilience one community at a time.


An extension of the c-Market that provides for an Open Commons FrameworkTM – The Open Commons Framework™ is like a forestry management program in that we  urgently need to put in place an approach that distributes risk and promotes healthy growth of the  Internet. It is both a philosophical and structural approach to designing and nurturing a locality-based  cyber entity that promotes both economic vitality and cyber resilience.

Rugged individualism is a critical  trait of Western capitalism, because market incentives create the conditions for individual ingenuity and  problem-solving. In particular, small and medium businesses are the cradle of ingenuity and can iterate  much more quickly than their larger counterparts. Protecting the cradle and nurturing ingenuity requires  opening the canopy of the larger trees to promote growth from the forest floor.

Against the cyber threat,  in particular, collective approaches are needed to address systemic risk. Harnessing rugged  individualism within a collective risk approach is the genesis for the Open Commons Framework™; and, it  specifically addresses problems that are inherent with having only a handful of “too big to fail”  organizations that, when compromised, have devastating effects. Thus, the Framework balances market  forces with the promotion of innovation, all contained within the trusted enclave of a geographic  community.   


The c-Market was a program funded by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to establish a basis for grass-roots growth of community-based programs for cyber security and critical infrastructure protection. As part of this contract we developed an online resource for cyber threat hunting tools.

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