Communications Resources

A Listing of Key Communications Resources

All ISAO leaders that seek to develop a local or regional presence through the development of a Community will need to think through the key elements of a communications plan.  The following checklist steps will be key for anyone who wants to lead the effort.

  • Communications Strategy & Resources
    • Ask yourself: Why communicate? Develop a Communications Strategy
    • Develop a methodology for communication
    • Determine when to use each type of communication
    • Establish a timeline for communications
    • Compile a library of communication tools
    • Select the types of communication tools – Mix them up and measure your response
    • Determine when to communicate and about what – Timing & Frequency
    • Inventory all communications resources
  • Establish Internal Communications to the c-Community including Sharing Restrictions
  • Define Escalation for Communications to Local Law Enforcement and Infragard
    • Sharing of indicators of compromise with local law enforcement
    •  Breach notification

Below are listed a series of hotlinks to key resources c-Champions may need when building out a c-Community.

1 Homeland Security Information Network
2 Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) Definitions and Usage
3 Structured Threat Information eXpression – STIX
4 Trusted Automated Exchange of Indicator Information – TAXII
5 FBI Partnerships
6 National Infrastructure Advisory Council Intelligence Information Sharing
7 Law Enforcement Cyber Incident Reporting
8 Critical Infrastructure Cyber Community Voluntary Program


Resources for Outreach!

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