Database Honeypots

Creating a Database!

Below are a series of hotlinks and short descriptions of database honeypots.

MongoDB-HoneyProxy – “A honeypot proxy for mongodb. When run, this will proxy and log all traffic to a dummy mongodb server.” (P. (2017, February 24). Plazmaz/MongoDB-HoneyProxy. Retrieved April 20, 2017, from

Elastichoney – “Elastichoney is a simple elasticsearch honeypot designed to catch attackers exploiting RCE vulnerabilities in elasticsearch.” (J. (2015, July 06). Jordan-wright/elastichoney. Retrieved April 20, 2017, from

NoSQL Honeypot Framework (NoPo) – “NoSQL-Honeypot-Framework (NoPo) is an open source honeypot for nosql databases that automates the process of detecting attackers,logging attack incidents. ” (T. (2017, January 19). Torque59/nosqlpot. Retrieved April 20, 2017, from

ElasticSearch Honeypot (ESPot) – “An Elasticsearch honeypot written in NodeJS, to capture every attempts to exploit CVE-2014-3120.” (M. (2014, August 25). Mycert/ESPot. Retrieved April 20, 2017, from

MysqlPot – “MySQL honeypot.”(S. (2012, October 15). Schmalle/MysqlPot. Retrieved April 21, 2017, from

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