Operating Systems

Useful Links for Managing Operating Systems!

Below are a series of hotlinks and short descriptions of what the website offers.


Unix Toolbox -” This document is a collection of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for advanced users. This is a practical guide with concise explanations, however the reader is supposed to know what s/he is doing. ” (C@cb.vu, C. B. (n.d.). System. Retrieved December 26, 2016, from http://cb.vu/unixtoolbox.xhtml)

ADHD – “The Active Defense Harbinger Distribution (ADHD) is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu LTS. It comes with many tools aimed at active defense preinstalled and configured. The purpose of this distribution is to aid defenders by giving them tools to “strike back” at the bad guys.” (Brought to you by: EthanRobish, SecureIdeas, Strandjs. (n.d.). ADHD. Retrieved December 26, 2016, from https://sourceforge.net/projects/adhd/)

Tails – “The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Tails) is a Debian-based live CD/USB with the goal of providing complete Internet anonymity for the user” (D. (n.d.). Tails. Retrieved December 26, 2016, from https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=tails)

Kali – “Kali Linux (formerly known as BackTrack) is a Debian-based distribution with a collection of security and forensics tools. It features timely security updates, support for the ARM architecture, a choice of four popular desktop environments, and seamless upgrades to newer versions. ” (D. (n.d.). Kali Linux. Retrieved December 26, 2016, from https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=kali)

BlackArch – “BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux-based distribution designed for penetration testers and security researchers.” (D. (n.d.). BlackArch Linux. Retrieved December 26, 2016, from https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=blackarch)

Know your OS!

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